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Buchardts vennetråd

I dette forum kan specifikke mærkers venner, fans og beundrere skrive frit, også sammen med forhandlere og importører af det enkelte mærke. Der henstilles til, at tråde i denne kategori får et "-vennetråd" efter mærkets navn, eks "Thule vennetråd". Den enkelte vennetråd skal respekteres, og det anses som uskik eks. at begynde at diskuterer Dali i en Dynaudio vennetråd. Branchemedlemmer har langt mere frie hænder i en vennetråd, omend reklame og ros bør holdes inde for rimelighedens grænser. Indlæg, der er emne/producent uvedkommende, betragtes som spam og fjernes uden advarsel.

Re: Buchardts vennetråd

Indlægaf Ning » søn dec 29, 2019 16:46

Tak for tippet :D dem kendte jeg ikke (som gruppe)
Har hørt /set Nathan East til et par Toto koncerter.
Man kan godt fornemme der er kælet for optagelsen.
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Re: Buchardts vennetråd

Indlægaf P.H. » tors jan 16, 2020 08:01

Spændende nyt fra Buchardt:

From a Buchardt rep on Facebook (This was in response to the suggestion they should come out with an active speaker.):

We are soon ready with some actives yes. But they aim to hit way above the xeo series, so the prices does as well.

A500 : Its close to the design of the S400 and then not really. It looks like it with the waveguide, it's just on top now (we can do time alignment in the DSP here). The cabinet is a bit deeper (4 centimeters). The big change is that we here use closed cabinets. We have one woofer in the front, and one in the back over the active system. Each woofer is in its own cabinet inside so we can time aligned the back woofer. They don't have much space to work with so we need a ton of power for them. Here we have 3 x 150 w of some brand new class d chips from Texas Instruments and a powerful power supply to support them. We have a high quality DSP and the CS4398 DAC in each speaker as well. They can be connected via WISA to our hub and remote. You can use any WISA receiver for that matter so the system is very flexible. You can also simply connect them via XLR to your own preamp and run them analog. But using our hub, you will also have the ability to use our Room correction, which is a topic by itself. But in short, it's made directly to handle the issues in the bass caused by the room (sub 250hz) and it touches nothing else! I really can't emphasize enough how fantastic this actually works, and it's very easy to setup as well and measure your room with the mic.

A700 floorstander : All the same jazz, just with 4 x 150 w amps and a 3.5 way design instead of a 2.5 way or 3 way depending on the configuration of the A500. This will have waveguide, 6" midrange, 2 x 6" woofers in front (17-200hz) and on the back 2 x 6" woofers (17-100hz). Still pretty elegant and compact design, but with a ton of power!

We have made our own high quality alu remote for the system. It's a very nice remote with led indication on volume and what channel is selected. The hub is a small black box where you would connect everything to. of inputs it has 1 x analog 3 x optics 1 x coax 1 x USB 1 x Mini Jack 1 x HDMI. To this it has built in Chromecast, Airplay, Spotify connect and Bluetooth. So its a complete system.

A500 would be 3500 euro including VAT, TAX, import fees and worldwide shipping.

A700 would be 5000 euro including VAT, TAX, import fees and worldwide shipping.

We do also have plans for a cheaper active that is more in the competition of the xeo series, cheaper than the s400 as well.
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Re: Buchardts vennetråd

Indlægaf Otto J » tors jan 16, 2020 13:15

Mvh. Otto
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