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Solidsteel - HJ-A Flat Black Audio Base (Juletilbud)

Annoncør: Connaisseur AV
Tlf.: +45 9626 8046 Annoncetype: Sælges
Lokalitet: 7400 Herning Kategori: DVD Afspillere
Indrykket: 16/11-2017 Nypris: 3.188 DKK
Udløber: 16/12-2017 Salgspris: 2.391 DKK

Vi har hos Connaisseur-AV valgt at lave nogle specielle juletilbud.

Dette er en Amp Stand/Audio Base med 1 hylde i farven Flat Black.
Basen har aldrig været pakket ud, og sælges derfor som helt ny.

Mere uddybende beskrivelse fra producenten.

If the aim of the Hyperspike Series is to achieve new goals in performance, excellence in workmanship materials used while offering solutions to audio system designs, then the very latest Hyperspike Junior combines this distinction with convenience, thanks to a well though out cost control analysis that makes possible to keep the overall performance at a very high level yet. The Hyperspike Junior Series incorporates the main mechanical characteristics and materials of the "no compromise" reference level Hyperspike range but at a fraction of the cost. The pillars are made of solid, polished steel and the shelves from 30mm thick MDF Light. The containment in costs for the HJ Series has been achieved by simplifying some elements. The shelves are of a simpler design, with parallel sides making it easier and less costly to manufacture. The decoupling spikes though without o-rings, remains threaded and adjustable. Finally, the finishing of the shelves, available only in embossed black, is very functional and aesthetically neutral. The Solidsteel Hyperspike Junior Series isolation rack was designed to provide reference level support for your audio system without the price tag.

For mere information om denne base/ampstand.
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