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Ortofon lancerer nyheder på München Highend

Heriblandt den nye flagskbsmodel MC Anna Diamond, MC A Mono, ST-70 trafo og ny OM5 serie.

Den nye MC pickup topmodel hedder MC Anna Diamond og koster 63.300,- i Danmark.


The housing and the body of the cartridge are made in Titanium with the Selective Laser Melting technique

High-performance iron-cobalt alloy is applied for select parts of the magnet system.

The Wide-Range armature damping system provides complete elimination of unwanted resonance.

The Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond, thin and light, with an extraordinarily large contact surface, provides tracing accuracy unparalleled by any other needle in existence.

The use of Diamond cantilever in the MC Anna Diamond has prompted a paradigm shift in our understanding of analogue reproduction. The improvements found in the use of a Diamond cantilever have redefined the boundaries of analog reproduction, presenting greater inner detail, subtlety, and depth like never before.

Ortofons Exlusive series udvides med MC A Mono – dedikeret pickup til afspilning af monoplader, 33.500,- kroner.


The body of the cartridge is made in Titanium with SLM technique.

A specially designed armature is used to achieve extreme precision in each coil
turn in all layers.

The magnet system is based on an extremely strong Neodymium magnet.

Diamond: Special polished Ortofon Replicant 100 on Boron cantilever.

Coil wire material: Aucurum, gold-plated 6NX oxygen free copper.

En dual-mono transformer har også set dagens lys i form af ST-70 dual mono step up transformer 8.550,-.


Provides discrete circuitry for each channel, resulting in the elimination of crosstalk

Clearer reproduction with substantially increased stereo imaging. Regardless of the composition being played, the ST-70 expansive stereo separation provides lifelike realism and accurate tonal balance devoid of coloration.

Og I den billigere ende sendes en ny OM 5 serie på gaden

 -  til 449,-
- til 419,-

- til 699,-

The Ortofon new OM 5 Series is the lightest range of Moving Magnet cartridges offered by Ortofon. The OM cartridge body has been designed to provide easy mounting and alignment on both top mount and bottom mount headshells.

The OM 5 Series provides excellent compatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems and with a wide variety of phono preamps.

By adopting a wide range of replacement styli, the OM 5 Series can provide an optimum match for your home system, application and budget.

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